Tree Pruning

Tree pruning Ocala

Tree pruning is the process of removing parts of a tree to improve health. It is generally focused on removing dead or diseased wood, eliminating rubbing branches, improving overall shape and structure, thinning overly dense foliage, raising the crown (branches and foliage) to increase sunlight penetration, decreasing workload by reducing weight on limbs, increasing air circulation around foliage for healthier growth, etc.

Some benefits of pruning trees include:

– Proper air circulation, leading to reduced disease susceptibility

– Increased fruit production (in some cases)

– More attractive appearance of trees (since they’re not weighed down by heavy branches)

– Prevention of limb breakage and loss, important for high value or near-street trees

– Ability to shape the tree into a desired form that is safer or enhances its aesthetics.



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